Tobacco Valley Board of History

Welcome to the Tobacco Valley Board of History web site! On our website, you can learn all about our member's efforts in preserving our history.

Mission Statement

The Tobacco Valley Board of History is a not-for-profit, all volunteer member organization, dedicated to preserving our community's history and heritage. Chartered in 1971, the TV Board of History is empowered to preserve historic information, buildings, and culture. Our memberships mission is to encourage and act on the publication of historic works, restore and preserve historic buildings, artifacts and monuments in our possession, and retain a living link with past cultural forms through interpretation, display and programs at the Historical Village in Eureka, Montana. We invite you to join us in our effort to help our communities grow and improve here in northwest Montana. You can become involved with TV Board of History by becoming a member, volunteering or donating funds. Everyone is also always welcome to just stop by and enjoy our facilities.


Historical Village

The Historical Village in Eureka, Montana is a collection of historic buildings and artifacts from the Tobacco Valley area. Our properties, which include ten structures and their contents, are maintained and administered by volunteer workers and fundraisers inspired by a concern to preserve the history of the Tobacco Valley area. This unique collection of structures and artifacts was made possible by generous donations from a number of private donors and the Lincoln Electric Cooperative.

Fewkes Store/Museum
Fewkes Store and Museum

Old Eureka Library and Our Lady of Mercy Church
Old Eureka Library and "Our Lady of Perpetual Mercy Church"

All buildings and artifacts on site date back to the 1880s and 1920s. They include a general store, schoolhouse, library, church, two log cabins, hand-hewn house, railway depot, caboose, and fire tower, some of which were rescued during the Libby Dam construction era in the late 1960s. Interpreters are on site and all buildings are open to the public from May until September. The Fewkes General Store, which serves as a museum, is also the depository of a large collection of archival materials donated by organizations and residents of the Tobacco Valley. This includes an extensive, properly cataloged and registered archive of written and photographic materials. These materials are available for research at a minimal fee.

Volunteers at the village offer interpretative and public programs, conduct research, and create exhibits from our extensive collection. The Historical Village is also a source of visitor information for the Tobacco Valley and the grounds are available for both private and public events.

Old Rexford Depot and Great Northern Caboose
Old Rexford Depot and Great Northern Caboose

The village also features a native plant display. The native plant display is designed to teach the value and importance of native plants and animals to Native Americans and early settlers to the area; and the continued importance of preserving the area's natural resource heritage.


The TV Board of History does extensive fundraising to maintain the Historical Village and its contents. Some of our fund raising activities include sponsoring rummage, bake, book and Christmas bazaar sales. Donations are also another important means of income, as is income from the TV Quilters. The TV Quilters are members of the Board of History who quilt every Friday from Labor Day to Memorial Day in the schoolhouse to raise funds for the Historical Village. If you have a quilt top you would like hand quilted, we can do it for you! We also specialize in homemade, hand-quilted quilts. Anyone who is interested in joining the TV Quilters is welcome. Call Lynda Young for more details.

If you would like to make a donation or become a member please contact Dianne Linn or write us:
TV Board of History
P.O. Box 1452
Eureka, MT 59917

The Tobacco Valley Board of History is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization, your donation is tax deductible. For questions about our non-profit status, accounting, and Internal Revenue Service affairs, please write or contact Lynda Young or Cathy Schloeder.

Facilities and Grounds Use Policies

The grounds and church at the Historical Village are open year-round for private reflection and walking. The village also has a children's playground and picnic tables. Food is only available, however, during special events. Special events held at the village each year include Rendezvous, Eureka Montana Quilt Show and Shakespeare in the Park and some of our nearby attractions include the Eureka Riverwalk and the Historical Building Tour.

If you are interested, the grounds are available for private and community events, for a fee. For more details please contact Lynda Young. Download Grounds Use Policy.


Contact Information

TV Board of History
PO Box 1452
Eureka, MT 59917

Lynda Young

Rita Collins

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